Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oregon - 45th Parallel

Oregon bothers jazz people because a) they're difficult to categorize, and b) they radiate endlessly cheerful vibes bordering on vacuous new age while maintaining a sharp improvisational edge. So goes this high-profile appearance on Columbia's spinoff label, which sometimes stays within the bounds of post-bop jazz yet is more likely to go veering off in contemplative folk-like, Asiatic, Spanish, or even neo-classical directions. Ralph Towner handles both the piano and various guitars and synthesizers with equal facility, while Paul McCandless' reed work evokes the pure white light of Paul Winter; Glen Moore continues to man the bass; Trilok Gurtu alternates between tabla and traps; and Nancy King checks in with a bout of eccentric scatting on "Chihuahua Dreams." This is intriguing, free-thinking stuff, always intelligent, evidently durable, yet the music misses the spark of true inspiration that could have made it memorable. - by Richard S. Ginell, AMG

Artist: Oregon
Album: 45th Parallel
Year: 1988
Label: veraBra (1990)
Runtime: 48:37

1.  Pageant (Ralph Towner) 6:23
2.  Hand in Hand (Ralph Towner) 5:58
3.  King Font (Ralph Towner) 5:27
4.  Riding On The D Train (Ralph Towner) 2:28
5.  Beneath An Evening Sky (Ralph Towner) 4:59
6.  Chihuahua Dreams (Glen Moore) 4:58
7.  Urumchi (Paul McCandless) 4:12
8.  Les Douzilles (Ralph Towner) 7:22
9.  Bombay Vice (Trilok Gurtu) 4:53
10.  Pageant (Epilogue) (Ralph Towner) 1:53

Paul McCandless (Piccolo and Soprano Saxophone, Oboe, English Horn, Bass Clarinet)
Ralph Towner (Piano, Synthesizer, Guitar)
Glen Moore (Double Bass)
Trilok Gurtu (Tabla, Drums, Percussion and Voice)
Nancy King (Vocals) - 6


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