Monday, December 6, 2010

Kurt Elling - This Time It's Love

After taking the jazz vocal scene by storm, Kurt Elling got in a bit over his head, gaining as many critical kudos as catcalls. On his third disc, he finds a happy medium between romantic rumination and vocal experimentation. The highlight of the disc is "Freddie's Yen for Jen," a stellar jazz experience that comes pretty damn close to committing the pure emotion of love to tape. - by Tim Sheridan, AMG

Artist: Kurt Elling
Album: This Time It's Love
Year: 1998
Label: Blue Note
Runtime: 55:12

1.  My Foolish Heart (Victor Young/Ned Washington) 4:03
2.  Too Young to Go Steady (Jimmy McHugh/Harold Adamson) 5:03
3.  I Feel So Smoochie (Phil Moore) 3:18
4.  Freddie's Yen for Jen (Freddie Hubbard/Kurt Elling) 7:21
5.  My Love, Effendi (McCoy Tyner/Kurt Elling) 3:36
6.  Where I Belong (Laurence Hobgood/Kurt Elling) 4:20
7.  The Very Thought of You (Ray Noble) 5:45
8.  The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing (Irving Berlin) 2:57
9.  Rosa Morena (Dorival Caymni) 4:34
10.  She's Funny That Way (Neil Moret/Richard Whiting) 5:16
11.  A Time for Love (Johnny Mandel/Paul Francis Webster) 5:23
12.  Every Time We Say Goodbye (Cole Porter) 3:27

Kurt Elling (Vocals)
Laurence Hobgood (Piano) - 1-8,10-12
Rob Amster (Double Bass) - 1-9,11
Michael Raynor (Drums and Percussion) - 1-5,7-9
Dave Onderdonk (Guitar) - 3,6,9,11
Paul Wertico (Drums) - 6,11
Brad Wheeler (Sopranino Saxophone) - 6,11
Eddie Johnson (Tenor Saxophone) - 2
Johnny Frigo (Violin) - 3


  1. Thank you itr. I knew Dedicated to you. Kurt Elling has a great voice.

  2. A beautiful, beautiful album. Thank you so very much. I am going to buy some Kurt Elling CDs as a new year's present to myself right away. By the way, I'm shocked again--the rs link is still working and very well at that. Thank you for the tremendous effort you put into this blog to share wonderful music with us.



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