Friday, November 5, 2010

Sonny Clark - Blues Mambo

This lesser-known Sonny Clark session (his only studio album not made for Blue Note) is sometimes issued under drummer Max Roach's name too. They are joined by bassist George Duvivier for a set of generally obscure Clark originals including "Minor Meeting," "Blues Mambo," and "My Conception" (which is taken as an unaccompanied piano solo). Although not obvious while listening to his recording, Clark's life was on the decline and this would be his penultimate date as a leader. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Sonny Clark Trio
Album: Blues Mambo
Year: 1960
Label: West Wind (1997)
Runtime: 41:56

1.  Minor Meeting 3:46
2.  Nica 6:16
3.  Sonny's Crip 6:18
4.  Blues Mambo 5:08
5.  Blues Blue 4:24
6.  Junka 6:16
7.  My Conception 4:31
8.  Sonja 5:14
All compositions by Sonny Clark

Sonny Clark (Piano)
Max Roach (Drums)
George Duvivier (Double Bass)


  1. Thx ITR, I haven't heard this session.

  2. I think this was originally on Time Records. I've seen the record before. It has a different cover.

  3. Never knew this existed. Thx v m!!



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