Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds

I was at the end of my rope playing my old Piero Piccioni Easy Tempo CDs to bits (ha) when the great internet radio station Luxuria.Com started playing this KICK BUTT song called 'Futura 2000' by this Italian dude named Nicola Conte. I didn't ask questions: I called the local record store in Durham, drove down that same day and shelled out the sixteen bucks and my life hasn't been the same since! Talk about 'Spring is Here' Music! What is it like? Hmmmm. It's lounge, but it's not that tiresome camp variety. This guy ROCKS, and his outfit is solid; it's not just a bunch of turntables and sequencers. He clearly has a deep love for the spirit of La Dolce Vita, and respects it, and moreover, has absorbed it. Everything here is uptempo and breezy, samba-based, with some nods to later sixties psychedelia and pre-Shaft horn clusters. "Il Cerchio Rosso" is my favorite song of the year thus far. Little snippets of everything from Claudine Longet to Brasil '66 to Piero Piccioni to Nino Rota to Morricone to Francis Lai to Traviolji seep in here and there, but somehow it's all fresh and new. Someone suggested it was 'tres Esquivel', but I beg to differ. It's much hipper, and a great dance album. I can't wait for more Nicola! Buy this super disc now! You'll be dancing. - by L.S. Slaughter,

Nicola Conte is an Italian DJ, producer and guitar player known for introducing an innovative style of acid jazz that incorporates bossa nova themes, melodies drawn from Italian film scores of the 1960s, easy listening themes, and ethnic Indian music Conte, a classically-trained musician, is mastermind of a collective of acid jazz revivalists, "The Fez Collective," based in the Italian town of Bari, and the Idizioni-Ishatr / Schema label, their record label for promoting their distinctly Italian approach to acid jazz Conte's first album was Jet Sounds of 2000. The single "Bossa Per Due" gained nternational recognition and was an underground hit. It was used almost immediately for a prime-time commercial for Acura automobiles. The album was licensed for American distribution by Thievery Corporation's Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL) label in the summer of 2001 as Bossa Per Due, and was a slightly reconfigured version of the Italian Jet Sounds album.

Artist: Nicola Conte
Album: Jet Sounds
Year: 2000
Label: Schema
Runtime: 62:18

1.  Arabesque (Nicola Conte) 3:34
2.  Bossa per due (Gianni Lenoci/Nicola Conte) 5:52
3.  Dossier Omega (Pippo D'Ambrosio/Nicola Conte) 6:32
4.  Il cerchio rosso (Nicola Conte) 4:21
5.  Fuoco fatuo (Nicola Conte) 3:37
6.  Forma 2000 (Lo Greco, V/Nicola Conte) 6:00
7.  Missione a Bombay (Nicola Conte) 4:43
8.  Jazz pour Dadine (Nicola Conte) 3:51
9.  The in Samba (Gianni Lenoci/Nicola Conte) 5:54
10.  La coda del diavolo (Mirko Signorile/Nicola Conte/Pasquale Bardaro) 4:22
11.  Mambo de los dandies (Marco Magno/Nicola Conte) 4:37
12.  Jet Sounds (Nicola Conte) 5:19
13.  Trappola mortale (Nicola Conte) 3:36

Nicola Conte (Arranger)
Paola Arnesano (Vocals) - 2,9
Gabriella Schiavone (Vocals) - 3
Stefania Di Pierro (Vocals) - 10
Manuela Ravaglioli (Vocals) - 6
Gianni Lenoci (Piano and Organ) - 2,9,13
Mirko Signorile (Piano and Organ) - 4,10
Marco Magno (Organ) - 11
Gaetano Partipilo (Alto Saxophone and Flute) - 6,8,9
Bruno Marini (Baritone Saxophone and Flute) - 5,12
Francesco Lomangino (Tenor Saxophone) - 11
Pasquale Bardaro (Vibraphone) - 1,5,10
Nicola Nesta (Sitar) - 3,7
Guido Di Leone (Guitar) - 3,9,12
Mauro Gargano (Double Bass) - 4,8
Stefano Valenzano (Bass Guitar) - 9,12
Pierluigi Balducci (Bass Guitar) - 7
Pippo D'Ambrozio (Tabla, Tampura) - 3,7
Fabio Accardi (Drums) - 7


  1. Great summer music, thanks for this!

  2. Thanks for this.Will definitely be checking more of this guy's stuff out.
    Thanks again.



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