Monday, November 29, 2010

Legendary Pink Dots - 9 Lives to Wonder

Broken funk, twisted humor, and some of the finest lyrics on the planet come together all too rarely, but they do it here with a rare panache. Ka-Spel and co. are firing on all cylinders with this release, ranging from the blatantly silly ("Crumbs on the Carpet") to the sweet ("The Angel Trail") to the relentlessly ominous ("Nine Shades to a Circle"). In the wonderful world of appliances that is the Dotsography, this ranks close to the top. Recommended for all who have never heard the world's finest pop band, and absolutely essential for even the most casual fan. - by Robert P. Beveridge,

Artist: The Legendary Pink Dots
Album: 9 Lives To Wonder
Year: 1994
Label: Play It Again Sam
Runtime: 58:28

1.  Madame Guillotine 5:32 
2.  On Another Shore 6:22 
3.  Softly Softly 2:05 
4.  Crumbs On The Carpet 4:55 
5.  Hotel Z 7:46 
6.  Oasis Malade 2:57 
7.  A Crack In Melancholy Time 5:36 
8.  Siren 5:30 
9.  The Angel Trail 2:00 
10.  Nine Shades To A Circle 10:22 
11.  Terra Firma Welcome 5:16 
All compositions by LPD

Edward Ka-Spel (Vocals, Keyboards)
Phil Knight (Keyboards)
Ryan Moore (Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Drums)
Martijn de Kleer (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tympani)
Niels van Hoornblower (Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet)
Cevin Key (Drums)



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