Monday, November 15, 2010

Joao Gilberto - Joao

Recent but classic jazz-bossa is played by one of its defining spirits. Vocally, Gilberto is in fine muttering form, communicating intensely with somebody in his breast pocket, and his guitar is as delicate as ever. This recording expresses the close links of bossa nova and jazz. Joao has Clare Fisher arranging and on some cuts playing keyboards, along with one of those saccharin string-sections even the most avant-garde Brazilians love. - by John Storm Roberts, AMG

It should not suprise me that this CD is relatively uncovered by reviewers. In the best sense of the term, I would suggest that this is the definitive "Joao With Strings" recording of his later career. The recording of Joao's vocals and guitar are really well done, and Joao is singing perhaps as good as he ever has (has he ever not?). The real surprise here are the string arrangements done by Clare Fischer, who also handles the keyboard work. For the most part, the arrangements are complimentary and done much in the style of Jobim's early arranging work. Recorded in 1991, there are a few 'synth' tracks done by Fischer that work very well. One is a 'classical guitar' patch which serves as an intro, and it took a few seconds (and an audible 'attack' on the keyboard) before I realized that it was not Joao. My only regret about this CD is that the strings were added in L.A. after Joao had recorded his vocal and guitar in Rio. No, it isn't a sin and still works well, but truly working with an orchestra - the way Sinatra did - HAS to bring out the best of even the best. One of my favorite tracks is "Una Mujer", also. - by Douglas Negley,

Artist: Joao Gilberto
Album: Joao
Year: 1991
Label: Philips (1991)
Total time: 50:26

1. I Really Samba (Eu Sambo Mesmo) (Janet de Almeida) 4:09
2. Go On (Siga) (Fernando Lobo/Helio Guimares) 4:14
3. Little Rose (Rosinha) (Jonas Silva) 3:52
4. Malaga (Fred Bongusto) 5:02
5. A Woman (Una Mujer) (Paul Misraki/S. Pontal Rio/C. Olivari) 3:43
6. My Heart And I (Eu E Meu Coracao) (Inaldo Vilarinho/Antonio Botelho) 5:12
7. You Do Something To Me (Cole Porter) 2:42
8. Unhappy Remark (Palpite Infeliz) (Noel Rosa) 3:56
9. Ave Maria on the Hill (Ave Maria No Morro) (Herivelto Martins) 4:16
10. Sampa (Caetano Veloso) 5:03
11. Smiled at Me (Sorriu Para Mim) (Caroto/Luiz Claudio) 3:08
12. I Wish You Love (Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours) (Charles Trenet/Leon Chauliac) 5:02

Joao Gilberto (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals)
Clare Fischer (Keyboards)
Joe Correro (Drums)
Jim Hughart (Double Bass)
Michito Sanchez (Percussion)


  1. Thanks itr, Gilberto is on the side of the musical spectrum I don't visit much often but I love dearly.
    Also I'm gonna feast on Clare Fisher's voicings ... :)



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