Saturday, November 13, 2010

Huschke - Diabolica

Never would Wolfram Huschke presume to bore his audience. Probably he isn’t even able to do so because Huschke is everything else than a boring person. - Lift Stuttgart July 1995

"The touch of my hands on the strings with all the experience of tradition and thrill of experimentation at the same time is the risk of my performance, every day, every moment, for the music, the audience and myself. Energy runs through my whole body and bursts into the universal strenght of emotions. But beside all these things I go through the long work of innovation, together with Hannes and Gianni in the Studio and alone in my rehearsal chamber, mostly isolated from everybody and everything." - by Wolfram Huschke

Artist: Wolfram Huschke
Album: Diabolica
Year: 1995
Label: BMG
Runtime: 58:12

1.  Whale Killers (Wolfram Huschke) 3:37
2.  Soaring (Wolfram Huschke) 3:38
3.  Diabolica (Wolfram Huschke) 5:03
4.  Dino (Wolfram Huschke) 4:52
5.  Lent (Claude Debussy) 3:08
6.  Animé (Claude Debussy) 4:07
7.  Erectus (Wolfram Huschke) 3:39
8.  Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix) 2:39
9.  Libido (Wolfram Huschke) 3:40
10.  Eclipse (Wolfram Huschke) 3:50
11.  Orgasm (Wolfram Huschke) 1:56
12.  June (Wolfram Huschke) 3:03
13.  Bach 1 (Johann Sebastian Bach) 4:00
14.  Bach 2 (Johann Sebastian Bach) 3:29
15.  Vocalise (Sergey Rachmaninov) 4:34
16.  Moto Perpetuo (Niccolo Paganini/Wolfram Huschke) 2:51

Wolfram Huschke (Cello, Electric Cello, Cello FX)
Thomas Reif (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)
Gianni Stiletto (Keyboards, Programming)
Susanne Reinl (Grand Piano, Keyboards) - 5,6,13,14,16
Hannes M. Schalle (Drums) - 8
Dieter Huschke (Grand Piano) - 15


  1. Realmente seductor... Se me ocurre que hay mucha energía en este disco totalmente desconocido para mí.
    Gracias itr!



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