Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Erroll Garner - Overture to Dawn

The "Appartment Sessions" are important in a number of ways, not the least being the fact that Timme's sixteen-inch acetates gave playing times of over ten minutes. Overture to Dawn gives a clue to the time of the sessions. At this period Garner was active at a number of locations, sometimes racing from one club to the next in order to fulfil engagements. 'There was one time when I had three jobs on The Street' he told Arnold Shaw, author of '52nd Street'. 'Iwas working at Tondelayo's, doubled at the Dueces and accompanied Billy Daniels when he played the Spotlite. And one night when the pianist didn't show at the Onyx, I lpayed there too. Four jobs. And thet was just about making a good week's salary. The clubs sure didn't pay. They were making money hand over fist. But the musicians couldn't get money out of them'. - by Alun Morgan (from the  liner notes)

Artist: Erroll Garner
Album: Overture to Dawn (The Apparment Sessions, vol. 1)
Year: 1944
Label: Charly (Digitally Remastered, 1995)
Runtime:  71:07

1.  I Hear a Rhapsody (Jack Baker/George Fragos/Dick Gasparre) 8:21
2.  You Were Born to Be Kissed (Erroll Garner) 5:16
3.  Overture to Dawn (Erroll Garner) 8:53
4.  Autumn Mood (Erroll Garner) 7:23
5.  Erroll's Concerto (Erroll Garner) 5:34
6.  Floating on a Cloud (Erroll Garner) 10:12
7.  I Surrender Dear (Harry Barris/Gordon Clifford) 2:26
8.  I Got Rhythm (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin) 9:23
9.  On the Sunny Side of the Street (Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh) 3:49
10.  Yesterdays (Otto Harbach/Jerome Kern) 9:44

Erroll Garner - Solo Piano


  1. Thanks for this session, especially for the extended playing times!

  2. Thank you itr, no one like Erroll Garner.

  3. Many thanks for the opportunity to upgrade from my mp3s...

  4. any chance of a re=up ?



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