Monday, November 1, 2010

Bugge Wesseltoft - Moving

Bugge Wesseltoft's "Moving" is a inspirational journey into the realms of nu-jazz, it's a logical progression of sublime recorded at Bugge's legendary downtown Oslo studio "Bugge's room". Including an all-star cast of Norway's most finest progressive jazz artists, this music captures the very essence of their compellingly eclectic and acoustic "New conceptions of Jazz" performances. The album starts off with "Change" and sets you up for a journey of surreality. The third track "Yellow Is The Colour" has the most increadible brush groove on snare that reminds you of a peaceful rain shower that is way beyond chill-out, with Bugge's soft piano, it's truly mesmerizing. The original 2001 Jazzland (REC 013 534-2) release on CD is mastered to audiophile perfection and nicly packaged in a digipak of great design. Bugge's European concert performances are described as a ride in to the realm of space, a hypnotic experience into the realms of ambient, electronic, brushed with the acoustic, being one foot on the dance floor, the other in the stratosphere. - by Audiostar,

Artist: Bugge Wesseltoft
Album: Moving
Year: 2001
Label: Jazzland
Runtime: 64:54

1.  Change (Bugge Wesseltoft) 10:25
2.  Gare du Nord (Bugge Wesseltoft/Anders Engen/Ingebrigt Flaten/Jonas Lönna/Paolo Vinaccia) 12:40
3.  Yellow Is The Colour (Bugge Wesseltoft) 10:40
4.  Lone (Bugge Wesseltoft) 10:05
5.  Moving (Bugge Wesseltoft/Anders Engen/Ingebrigt Flaten/Jonas Lönna/Paolo Vinaccia) 12:58
6.  South (Bugge Wesseltoft) 8:06

Bugge Wesseltoft (Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synthesizers, Samples, Programming and Voice)
Anders Engen (Drums)
Jonas Lönna (Drum Programming)
Paolo Vinaccia (Percussion)
Ingebrigt Flaten (Double Bass) - 2,6
Marius Reksjo (Double Bass) - 1
Hakon Kornstad (Tenor Saxophone) - 3


  1. great album by a great musician. I'll be posting some live material by him soon. Please visit:
    thanks, B

  2. BW's New Conception of Jazz is very good, so I'll look forward to investigating this one - his work is quite new to me.

    Thanks for the new spot pointer, upkerry14.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I have the 'New conceptions of Jazz' album of Wesseltoft. Its just fantastic! Hope this will be fantastic too. Thanks for putting up such a great blog.



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