Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bosambo Trio - Tongue-tied

Given the formation (two acoustic guitars, percussion) the trio's sound calls to mind modern Latin music in the listener. The harmonic world of the themes and the musical forms are perhaps closest to the jazz music of the '90s. The continuously changing mode of playing from accompaniment to solos and back lends variety to the sound of the ensemble, the most distinctive feature of which is its clarity, which makes it easy to follow. - from www.bmcrecords.hu

Artist: Bosambo Trio
Album: Tongue-tied
Year: 1999
Label: BMC
Runtime: 53:39

1.  D Song (Istvan Toth) 9:18
2.  Ivy (Janos Kormos) 6:17
3.  Zeuo (Istvan Toth) 6:46
4.  Silent Tango (Peter Erdelyi) 6:54
5.  Sifrad (Istvan Toth) 8:52
6.  Good Morning Anna (Janos Kormos) 4:54
7.  Tongue-Tied (Istvan Toth) 6:09
8.  On The Road (Istvan Toth) 4:25

István Tóth (Acoustic Guitar)
János Kormos (Acoustic Guitar)
András Dés (Percussion)
Gábor Winand (Vocals, Tenor Saxophone) - 1,7
László Gõz (Trombone) - 1,4
Kornél Fekete Kovács (Flugelhorn) - 4
Andrea Molnár (Vocals) - 1
Péter Szendõfi (Brushes on a carboard box) - 4
György Müller (Percussion effectd) - 3



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