Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abdullah Ibrahim - African Marketplace

This is one of Abdullah Ibrahim's most colorful band recordings. With a 12-piece group that includes altoist Carlos Ward, trombonist Craig Harris and bassist Cecil McBee along with some lesser-known names, Ibrahim performs eight folklike originals that pay tribute to his life growing up in South Africa. "The Homecoming Song," "Anthem for the New Nation" and especially "The Wedding" (a beautiful hymn) are particularly memorable. - by Scott Yanow

There are not too many albums in any genre that paint a consistent picture from the first note to the last. There are even fewer that do this in a hybrid style that is really something new and different. I bless Duke Ellington for bringing Abdullah Ibrahim to our attention, and I thank Mr. Ibrahim for giving us this joyous and colorful recording. The title describes the flavor aptly: the songs are alternately festive and languid, with slightly altered themes recurring throughout. When you play it, don't skip any cuts! - by Steve Leach,
Artist: Dollar Brand (aka Abdullah Ibrahim)

Album: African Marketplace
Year: 1979
Label: Discovery (1980)
Runtime: 35:55

1.  Whoza Mtwana 6:03
2.  The Homecoming Song 3:45
3.  The Wedding 3:49
4.  Moniebah 3:20
5.  African Marketplace 7:04
6.  Mamma 3:46
7.  Anthem for the New Nation 4:30
8.  Ubu-Suku 3:33
All songs written by Abdullah Ibrahim

Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim (Keyboards, Soprano Saxophone and Conga)
Carlos Ward (Alto and Soprano Saxophone)
Jeff Jawarrah King (Tenor Saxophone)
Dwayne Armstrong (Tenor Saxophone)
Kenny Rogers (Baritone Saxophone)
Malindi Blyth Mbityana (Trombone)
Craig Harris (Trombone)
Gary Chandler (Trumpet)
Cecil McBee (Double Bass)
Andre Strobert (Drums and Percussion)
Miguel Pomier (Percussion) - 2,5
Lawrence Lucie (Banjo) - 5



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