Monday, October 25, 2010

Yansimalar - Serzenis

The idea of Yansimalar came to light at the beginning of 1990. Music was at the point we came together. Our style came into being in the course of living it, loving it, learning it. First Yansimalar were realesed, then Bab-i Esrar and now Serzenis. We met friends on this road. Some became part of the music of Yansimalar. Some enriched us with their love for our music. It's getting bigger and bigger when we share it in the name of friendship, love and rebel against existing routines.What we desire is to stop the whirlwind of life's complexity and create "a moment". - from the CD cover

Artist: Yansimalar
Album: Serzenis
Year: 2000
Label: Kalan
Total time: 60:08

1.  Mavinin Yankisi 7:33
2.  Eylül Sonu 6:25
3.  Issiz 5:51
4.  Ares 4:45
5.  Akl-u Hikmet 5:31
6.  Vuslat 4:26
7.  Devran 8:33
8.  Yagmur Sonu 5:23
9.  Yollarda 5:28
10.  Serzenis 6:13
All compostions by Birol Yayla, except Engin Gurkey's Vuslat

A. Senol Filiz (Ney)
Birol Yayla (Guitar, Tanbur and Perdesiz Luth)
Nezih Yesilnil (Double Bass)
Engin Gurkey (Percussion)
Samim Karaca (Oud) - 1,4
Hakan Sensoy (Keman) - 3,7
Muammer Ketencoglu (Accordion) - 9
Suren Asatryan (Doudouk) - 4


  1. Thank you itr, nice out of ordinary aural experience. I think I'm gonna listen to this music a lot.



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