Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yansimalar - Pervane

Yansimalar (approximately "yahn-sew-mah-lahr", Turkish for "reflections") or Yansimalar in the West is a Turkish group that compose and play contemporary ethnic music, classified as world music in the Western world. It is sometimes listed as Grup Yansimalar (formal Turkish prefix for bands). It was founded in 1990 by Birol Yayla (guitarist, tanbur lutist) and Aziz Senol Filiz (ney flutist). Their 2004 album Pervane ("Moth") was a noted world music album in Europe. - from Wikipedia

"In these songs, you can at any moment come face to face with these meetings that will create that jolt inside you. The tone of a ney, a tanbur, an oud, a kanun, a cello or a percussion instrument, can take you to some very old place of Yours. A journey awaits you. Ehit whom, and how, you will set out on this journey, is up to you. I chose to take my memories and my hopes along with me..." - by Mario Levi (introduction to Pervane)

Artist: Yansimalar
Album: Pervane [Moth]
Year: 2004
Label: Kalan
Quality: eac-flac, cue, log, artw.
Runtime: 57:38

1.  Beyhude 5:11
2.  Pervane 7:35
3.  Veda 3:48
4.  Atesdide 6:18
5.  Uzakta 3:44
6.  Onsekiz 2:42
7.  Divan 6:42
8.  Mehmene 5:52
9.  Atesbaz 6:16
10.  Senden Kalan 3:33
11.  Asude 3:30
12.  Gündöndü 2:20
All compositions - by Birol Yayla

Aziz Senol Filiz (Ney)
Birol Yayla (Guitar and Tanbur)
Nezih Yesilnil (Double Bass)
Engin Gurkey (Percussion)
Erkan Ogur (Fretless Guitar and Lute) - 1,2
Mehmet Kemiksiz (Vocals) - 2
Fahrettin Yarkin (Percussion) - 2,7
Ferruh Yarkin (Percussion) - 2,7
Umit Kuzer (Sound Pad) - 2,7
Pinar Duruk (Cello) - 3,5,6,10
Samim Karaca (Oud) - 4,9,12
Taner Sayacioglu (Kanun - Turkish Zither) - 11,12


  1. FS, HF, RS

  2. Very cool and relaxing music, perfect for a sunny morning. Some moving moment with the great voice of Mehmet Kemiksiz.

    Thank you very much for sharing this one !



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