Saturday, October 9, 2010

MOKAVE - Volume 2

These three masters of world music and jazz have won world wide acclaim for their seductive musical tapestries of dynamics and textures. Glen Moore is the bassist for the renowned group Oregon, Glen Velez is a frame drum master with a series of well-received albums for the CMP label and pianist Larry Karush has established his reputation with a fine series of solo albums and a duet with bassist Moore for ECM. Mokave is earthly, funky, cerebral and a lot of fun! - from Valley

Artist: MOKAVE
Album: Volume 2
Year: 1992
Label: Audioquest
Runtime: 46:30

1.  Pepe' Linque (Glen Moore) 4:27
2.  I Remember Me (Jan Hammer) 6:10
3.  Lake Baikal (Glen Velez) 4:14
4.  Ba Da Da Da Dat (Larry Karush) 3:01
5.  Fall '92 (Glen Moore) 6:48
6.  Mokave (Glen Moore/Larry Karush/Glen Velez) 6:55
7.  On Down the Road (Larry Karush) 6:55
8.  Affirmation (Larry Karush) 4:48
9.  I Wwould Do Anything for You (Glen Moore/Larry Karush/Glen Velez) 3:07

Glen Moore (Double Bass)
Larry Karush (Piano)
Glen Velez (Frame Drums and Percussion)
Junior Homrich (Percussion) - 7
Manny Ramos (Congas) - 7

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