Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Matija Dedic - Visiting Bruxeless

This CD will introduce you to an extraordinary Croatian-Belgium-Czech collaboration with one of Croatia's young lions, the pianist and gifted composer Matija Dedic: together with great Jean-Louis Rassinfosse on bass from Belgium and the gifted Marek Patrman on the drums from Czech Republic you are going to listen to a perfect sythesis of a wonderful balanced jazz trio. Dedic-Rassinfosse-Patrman introduse you to a music that is not about musical club wear, but magical sensitivity and well balanced sounding and easily swingin' story telling on the highest level. I think to hear the influence of the trios of likes as Brad Mehldau, Jacky Terrasson, Esbjörn Svenson to name the young generation, but I think to hear also greats like Bill Mays or Dave Grusin. Perfect and colourful artuculation and colourful harmonic voicings, stirring melodies a perfect balance of composition and improvisation, of melodic and harmonic progressions always keeping the formal architecture. The music is about stories that are told tastefully and never treated under attacks of narcistic virtuosity. Each tune has a strongly narrative structure keeping the melodic and harmonic progression never loosing the balance of musical form When you listen to this recording you realize the musical depth and the creative approach which Dedic and his trio express in each composition and the band's improvisations. - by Peter Polansky (original lines notes)

Artist: Matija Dedic
Album: Visiting Bruxeless
Year: 2006
Label: Dallas
Runtime: 64:56

1.  Solar (Miles Davis) 5:21
2.  On Green Dolphin Street (Ned Washington/Bronislaw Kaper) 6:25
3.  San Matina (Matija Dedic) 4:34
4.  Moment (Matija Dedic) 9:06
5.  Family (Matija Dedic) 6:10
6.  December (Matija Dedic) 12:14
7.  Razgovos s Konobarom (Matija Dedic) 5:23
8.  Dora (Matija Dedic) 7:28
9.  Last Exit (Matija Dedic) 8:15

Matija Dedic (Piano)
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (Double Bass) - 1-3,5-7,9
Marek Patrman (Drums) - 1-3,5-7,9


  1. Totalmente desconocido para mi. Gracias itr por compartirlo!!



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