Saturday, October 16, 2010

Herbie Mann & Bobby Jaspar - Flute Soufflé

At the time of this Prestige set (reissued on CD), Herbie Mann was a flutist who occasionally played tenor and Bobby Jaspar  a tenor-saxophonist who doubled on flute. Two of the four songs find them switching back and forth while the other two are strictly flute features. With pianist Tommy Flanagan, guitarist Joe Puma, bassist Wendell Marshall and drummer Bobby Donaldson  contributing quiet support, the two lead voices constantly interact and trade off during this enjoyable performance. Highpoints are the haunting "Tel Aviv" and a delightful version of "Chasing the Bird."  - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Herbie Mann & Bobby Jaspar
Album: Flute Soufflé
Year: 1957
Label: OJC (1992, Dig. Remastered)
Runtime: 36:21

1.  Tel Aviv (Herbie Mann) 14:42
2.  Somewhere Else (Joe Puma) 5:58
3.  Let's March (Herbie Mann) 7:26
4.  Chasing The Bird (Charlie Parker) 8:13

Herbie Mann (Flute and Tenor Saxophone)
Bobby Jaspar (Flute and Tenor Saxophone)
Tommy Flanagan (Piano)
Joe Puma (Guitar)
Wendell Marshall (Double Bass)
Bobby Donaldson (Drums)



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