Monday, October 11, 2010

The Herbaliser Band - Session One

The Herbaliser Band are a group of nine young players that joined forces with UK hip hop producers Jake Wherry and DJ Ollie Teeba. Back in 1995 at the time of the first Herbaliser LP "Remedies", Olliehad been touring as a DJ to help promote the album. Jake was quick to point that DJing was not the only (or most effective) way to maximise the potential of the record. Enter the band...hornists Lamb and Ross aka. the "The Easy Acces Orchestra" and fellow sessionisras Chris Bowden and Matt Coleman formed the brass frontline, with Kaidi 'Shocka' Tatham on classic keys. Moody and Dawes joined Wherry's brass to provide the rock solid rhythm section underpinning Teeba's scratches. And so The Herbaliser Band was born! - from the cover

Originally released in 2000 on two 10” slabs of vinyl, Session 1 is a take-home version of the Herbaliser’s live show, which means “funky” and “exciting” to anyone who has seen the usually electronic duo jam on-stage with this organic band. Jazzy, lively, and filled with breakbeats hip-hop DJs should lift, the set features songs from the duo’s first three, production-brimming studio albums, reimagined here with horns, live percussion, and very few vocals, minus a couple samples. The results are trippy songs turned soulful and free with musicians improvising at times and turning headphone numbers into jazzy party starters. You don’t have to be aware of the originals to dig this hip-shaking session, but regular Herbaliser fans will get the most out of this as they marvel at how cleverly the songs have been orchestrated. - by David Jeffries, AMG

Artis: The Herbaliser Band
Album: Session One
Year: 2000
Label: Department H.
Runtime: 42:24

1.  Who's The Realest? (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Andy Ross/Ralph Lamb) 5:25
2.  Ginger Jumps The Fence (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Trout) 5:11
3.  Shocker Zulu (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Kaidi Tatham) 4:23
4.  Shattered Soul (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Trout) 5:41
5.  The Sensual Woman (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Andy Ross) 5:13
6.  The Missing Suitcase (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Ralph Lamb) 5:08
7.  Goldrush (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Trout) 5:41
8.  Forty Winks (Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba/Trout) 5:38

Jake Wherry (Bass Guitar)
Mickey Moody (Drums)
Chris Bowden (Alto Saxophone)
Matt Coleman (Trombone)
DJ Ollie Teeba (Turntables)
Patrick Dawes (Percussion)
Andy Ross (Flute, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone, Piccolo)
Kaidi Tatham (Keyboards)
Ralph Lamb (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Keyboards)


  1. I love the herbaliser!...great group of people making great music...thanks for sharing this post my friend...keep it up!...

  2. hello, great post.. big fan of them.. i had their first two albuns (i guess it's their first two) "blow your headphones" "very mercenary". but i could not listen to this one yet. asking for password..
    thanks a lot
    love this blog

  3. hi, where is the password???
    intotherhythm rules

  4. Hi Gralha, pw is "into", see the About me section.

  5. of course.!! thank you for the support
    execuse my disattention
    MY MAN!!



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