Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gandalf - Journey to an Imaginary Land

Hein Strobl  is an Austrian new age multi-instrumentalist (proficient at piano, percussion, guitar, and synthesizer), and has issued countless albums on a steady basis since 1980 under the alias of Gandalf. - AMG

Some classify Gandalf's work as progressive rock; well, there are bass, guitars and drums, but by the way the keyboards are played, I think one should rather put it in the progressive New Age genre. The main attraction is the omnipresent loaded & floating keyboards, about like on "Dogs" around the 9th-10th minute (Pink Floyd's Animals), or on the Jean Michel Jarre's early albums. Gandalf also plays an electric guitar sounding like on the Tangerine dream's "Thief" album. There are some good bass, drums, and the omnipresent acoustic guitar is rather rhythmic. He plays some moog solos in an exotic way, a bit like Kitaro. The ensemble is rather dreamy. It also may remind you the Neuschwanstein's album. - by Greenback,

Artist: Gandalf
Album: Journey to an Imaginary Land
Year: 1980
Label: WEA Music
Runtime: 45:34

1.  Departure 4:57
2.  Foreign Landscape 9:27
3.  The Peaceful Village 7:42
4.  March Across The Endless Plain 10:43
5.  The Fruitful Gardens 6:11
6.  Sunset At The Crystal Lane 6:31
All compositions by Gandalf

Gandalf (All Instruments)


  1. It would be very nice to see this re-uploaded, thanks :)



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