Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gabor Szabo - High Contrast

An unusually successful pairing of Gabor Szabo with R&B legend Bobby Womack. Szabo digs deep into a soulful groove, inspired by Womack's silky-smooth originals. High Contrast features "Breezin," the Womack tune written especially for Szabo, which George Benson parlayed into a huge hit in 1976, and several tunes Womack popularized in the film Across 110th Street. - by Douglas Payne, AMG

This unlikely collaboration with R&B star Bobby Womack is surprisingly successful as an instrumental smooth-jazz guitar session. Womack uncharacteristically takes no vocals, and proves himself a very competent and sympathetic rhythm guitarist. This album feature's Womack's original recording of his composition "Breezin'", which was a smash crossover hit for George Benson. Szabo interprets the melody in his staccato voice, his approach more restrained than Benson's, but captivating in it's own way. "Amazon" has a dark tropical feel. Wolfgang Melz plays solid yet interesting basslines, and his co-composition "Fingers" provides another fine vehicle for extended guitar improvisation. The finale, "I Remember When" features a well-arranged string section that serves as a fine foil for Szabo's take on the country-style melody. - by J. Levinson,

Artist: Gabor Szabo
Album: High Contrast
Year: 1971
Label: Verve (Mini Lp, 2003)
Runtime: 40:11

1.  Breezin' (Bobby Womack) 3:13
2.  Amazon (Gabor Szabo) 4:58
3.  Fingers (Wolfhang Melz/Gabor Szabo) 7:35
4.  Azure Blue (Gabor Szabo) 4:17
5.  Just A Little Communication (Bobby Womack/Gabor Szabo) 7:52
6.  If You Don't Want My Love (Bobby Womack) 4:39
7.  I Remember When (Bobby Womack) 7:33

Gabor Szabo (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)
Bobby Womack (Rhythm Electric Guitar)
Wolfgang Melz (Bass)
Jim Keltner (Drums)
Felix Falcon (Congas)
Phil Upchurch (Bass ) - 1,3,6,7
Carmelo Garcia (Percussion) - 1-3,6,7
Mark Levine (Piano) - 3


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