Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Folkestra - Mamikám

Folkestra plays characteristic, particular world-music. The music presents folk music, jazz, the restriction and the improvization, the liveliness and the energy at the same time. The music based on Hungarian, Bulgarian, Turkish folk music, Balkanian, latin rhythms and jazz.

"... András Monori shatters the safe but boring musical standards, creating a fresh and strong, playful and humorous new world that also contains an element of intimacy. The instrumentation, which puts Balkan and Hungarian folk music on a Latin base and spices it up with jazz improvisation, reflects Monori's impressive talent, while leaving room for the perfect instrumental skill and creativity of the virtuoso musicians he has hand-picked to work with him. The group's new repertoire is written for two voices, male and female, making the catchy melodies richer and more nuance. It's not surprising that young and old, rebel and conservative, lovers and the unhappy, all identify with this music."

Artist: Folkestra
Album: Mamikám
Year: 2001
Label: Orpheia
Runtime: 63:05

1.  Portugál (Andras Monori/Zoltan Egressy) 5:32
2.  Dilmano (Traditional arr. Andras Monori) 5:48
3.  Ajdirinda (Andras Monori/Laszlo Nagy) 5:09
4.  Szeretlek, szeretlek (Traditional arr. Andras Monori) 3:37
5.  Fehér (Andras Monori/Bea Palya/Laszlo Nagy) 3:35
6.  4 Török (Traditional arr. Andras Monori) 5:42
7.  Mamikám (Traditional arr. Andras Monori) 4:51
8.  Mindegyre (Andras Monori/Laszlo Nagy) 4:36
9.  Szeretõm e táncba (Traditional arr. Andras Monori) 5:15
10.  Török bicikli (Traditional arr. Andras Monori) 5:08
11.  3 Török (Traditional/Andras Monori/Laszlo Nagy) 5:05
12.  Adjon Isten (Traditional arr. Andras Monori) 3:56
13.  Portugál Kalap (Andras Monori) 5:04

Bea Palya (Vocals)
Andras Monori (Kaval, Trumpet, Gadulka, Recorder, Tambura, Bagpipe, Kalimba)
Bela Agoston (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Bagpipe, Bass Clarinet)
Szabolcs Arkosi (Saz, Accordeon)
Tamas Kovacs (Conga, Percussion)
Gabor Pusztai (Drums)
Peter Nagy (Double Bass)



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