Friday, September 3, 2010

Chico Hamilton - The Dealer

Drummer Chico Hamilton introduced many top young players during his years as a bandleader, but few probably realize that Larry Coryell made his recording debut with Chico a year before joining Gary Burton's quartet. This CD reissue brings back Coryell's initial appearance on record, and at times he sounded oddly like Chuck Berry (especially on "The Dealer"). Also heard on this set are altoist Arnie Lawrence, bassist Richard Davis, organist Ernie Hayes (on two numbers), and, on his spirited boogaloo "For Mods Only," Archie Shepp making a rare appearance on piano. Most of the performances still sound surprisingly fresh, especially the explorative "A Trip," making this an underrated but worthy release. [The 1999 CD reissue contains four bonus tracks, plus 20-bit remastering.] - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Chico Hamilton
Album: The Dealer
Year: 1966
Label. Impulse (1999) (20-bit remastered)
Total playing: 55:03

Chico Hamilton (Drums and Percussion, Vocals)
Arnie Lawrence (Alto Saxophone) - 1-4,6,7
Larry Coryell (Guitar) - 1-7
Richard Davis (Double Bass) - 1-7
Ernie Hayes (Organ) - 4,5
Archie Shepp (Piano) - 2
Charles Lloyd (Tenor Saxophone and Flute) - 8,10,11
Gabor Szabo (Guitar) - 8,10,11
Jimmy Woods (Tenor Saxophone) - 8
Albert Stinson (Double Bass and Vocals) - 8-11
Willie Bobo (Maracas, Cowbells) - 8,9
George Bohanon (Trombone) - 10

1.  The Dealer (Chico Hamilton/Jimmy Cheatham) 6:21
2.  For Mods Only (Archie Shepp) 4:25
3.  A Trip (Chico Hamilton/Jimmy Cheatham) 6:35
4.  Baby, You Know (Chico Hamilton/Jimmy Cheatham) 3:56
5.  Larry of Arabia (Larry Coryell) 5:09
6.  Thoughts (Chico Hamilton) 9:20
7.  Jim-Jeannie (Chico Hamilton) 5:48
8.  Chic Chic Chico (Manny Albam) 2:49
9.  Big Noise from Winnetka (Ray Bauduc/Bob Haggart/Bob Crosby/Gil Rodin) 2:49
10.  The Second Time Around (Jimmy Van Heusen/Sammy Cahn) 3:12
11.  El Toro (Chico Hamilton/Charles Lloyd/Gabor Szabo) 4:39


  1. Hey, thanks for this great album. Just started getting into Chico's work and he has a very cool sound. Reminds me of MJQ.

    Looking forward to listening to this album although with a cover as awesome as that, I don't see how it could be anything less than great.


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