Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angelique Ionatos - Mia Thalassa

An extraordinary recording by one of the finest interpreters of Greek poetry set to music. A lovely set of poems by Dimitra Manda, which translates "A Sea Filled with Music," is exquisitely set to music by Mikis Theodorakis, in sumptuous orchestrations for cello, piano and double-bass by master arranger Christian Boissel. Theodorakis himself leaves much to be desired as an orchestrator, but in Boissel's hands, his haunting melodies are draped in velvets and silks, both in bold and discreet hues. Ionatos' unique voice is not dulcet, nor is her sound that of a classical singer. Rather, she has the grit of Piaf, with a similarly tight vibrato, and interprets her music with great subtlety, pathos, and tenderness, without every being syrupy. If you enjoy this recording, look for Sappho de Mytilene, with both Ionatos and Nena Venetsanou on vocals. The album is Ionatos' own compositions to the poetry of Sappho. - by Peter Botteas,

Artist: Angélique Ionatos
Album: Mia Thalassa
Year: 1994
Label: Auvidis
Runtime: 49:13

1.  O Kyklos Tou Nerou 2:55
2.  Mia Thalassa 1:52
3.  Vathia Sti Mou 1:40
4.  Chromata Nychterina 2:30
5.  Ospou Xanaghenithika 1:35
6.  Taxidi Sto Apiro 2:28
7.  Ghiati Isse O Anemos/Diotima 2:44
8.  Ke S'agapo 2:44
9.  Icho Thanatou 3:21
10.  Ap't'anichto Parathiro 2:15
11.  Osso Diarki I Thalassa 2:17
12.  Choris Antapokrissi 2:26
13.  Sta Vimata Tou Iliou 1:23
14.  To Prossopo Sou 2:00
15.  Ta Kymata Malia Sou/Kerinia 4:05
16.  Ekphrassi 2:10
17.  Tetia Stigmi 2:52
18.  Fthinoporino Oniro 1:52
19.  Ela Krypha 2:07
20.  Hermoupoli 3:46
All compositions by Mikis Theodorakis/Dimitra Manda

Angélique Ionatos (Vocals)
Christian Boissel (Piano)
Renaud Garcia-Fons (Double Bass)
Héléne Dautry (Violoncello)


  1. Thanks for this beautiful music.
    Great selection btw.



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