Monday, August 2, 2010

Radio Tarifa - Fiebre

Named after a fictional radio station at the southernmost tip of Spain, Radio Tarifa ostensibly would broadcast to the Iberian Peninsula as well as the southern shores of the Mediterranean. Proving that the distance between flamenco and Arabic music, electric and ancient instruments, and African and pop rhythms aren't all that far apart, the aptly named band is a crossroads of musics, cultures and eras. Strong musicianship pulled it together on its three studio efforts, and does so again here on the group's first live album, which was recorded in 2002. While fans are treated to two new songs, the older ones are a revelation as well, offering up fresh versions of favorites like "Ronda de Sanabria," "La Mosca," and "Tangos del Agujero." Indeed, the band seems to be playing to the crowd and for each other throughout, which is the best reason to document any group in the live setting. – by Tad Hendrickson,

Radio Tarifa celebrated its tenth anniversary with the 2004 Latin Grammy-nominated Fiebre (Fever), a live album recoreded during a remarkable concert in Toronto, Canada. The album - which The Evening Standard calls "raw, exhilarating, summery and sexy" - captures the dynamism of the live show and takes us on a musical journey spanning the last ten years of Radio Tarifa. The record marks the band's fourth Nonesuch/World circuit release. - Product info

Artist: Radio Tarifa
Album: Fiebre (Live in Toronto)
Year: 2002
Label: Ariola (2003)
Total time: 68:05

1.  Jota Bereber (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza) 7:58
2.  Elli Yeddi Haq Ennas (Abderrahmane/Amrani)  5:14
3.  Tangos Del Agujero (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza) 3:24
4.  Cruzando El Rio (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza) 5:54
5.  Bulerias Turcas (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza/Fain S. Duenas) 4:28
6.  El Mandil De Carolina (Traditional) 4:05
7.  La Mosca (Traditional) 4:17
8.  Nina (Benjamin Escoriza/Fain S. Duenas)  2:37
9.  Osu (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza/Fain S. Duenas) 2:43
10.  Cancion Sefardi (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza) 7:24
11.  El Quinto (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza) 3:58
12.  Fiebre  (Benjamin Escoriza/Radio Tarifa)  3:54
13.  El Viaje De Lea (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza) 4:59
14.  Oye China (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza) 7:10

Benjamin Escoriza (Vocal and Shaker)
Fain S. Duenas (Percussion and Backing Vocals)
Vincent Molino (Ney, Oboe and Cromorno)
Jaime Muela (Flute, Soprano Saxophon and Ney)
Amir Haddad (Oud and Backing Vocals)
Jorge Gomez (Flamenco Guitar and Electric Guitar)
Sebastian Rubio (Drums and Bongos)
David Purdye (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals)


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  2. PW is always: into (look "about me" section).

  3. Thanks a lot itr; this album might be making my summer and you're whole collection feels like discovering a treasure trove. Respect from Macedonia!



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