Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pee Wee Ellis - Blues Mission

Longtime James Brown arranger and band member Pee Wee Ellis took the spotlight on this set of hot instrumentals, blues-based uptempo numbers, and inspired covers. Ellis' tenor sax solos are strong, exuberant, and tight. His band members include guitarist Jean-Paul Bourelly in a more restrained role than usual, while Tyrone Jefferson provides the trombone fills and effects much as Fred Wesley did in The JBs. The group pays homage to Ellis' past with the stinging "Cold Sweat Mother Popcorn," rivaling the original Brown orchestra in their execution, funk, and energy. - by Ron Wynn, AMG

Artist: Pee Wee Ellis
Album: Blues Mission
Year: 1992
Label: Gramavision (1993)
Runtime: 38:50

1.  Zig Zag (Pee Wee Ellis/P. Rusky/J. Schneider) 3:47
2.  Gotcha! (Pee Wee Ellis) 3:23
3.  Cold Sweat/Mother Popcorn (Pee Wee Ellis/James Brown) 5:36
4.  Yellin' Blue (Pee Wee Ellis) 3:11
5.  One Mint Julep (Rudy Toombs) 4:10
6.  Texas Sweet (Pee Wee Ellis) 6:23
7.  Ham (Pee Wee Ellis) 4:15
8.  Fort Apache (Pee Wee Ellis) 4:40
9.  Blues Mission (Pee Wee Ellis) 3:20

Pee Wee Ellis (Tenor Saxophone)
Jack Walrath (Trumpet)
Tyrone Jefferson (Trombone)
Jean Paul Bourelly (Guitar)
Masabumi Kikuchi (Organ)
Darryl Jones (Bass Guitar)
Clyde Stubblefield (Drums)



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