Monday, August 2, 2010

Paul Horn - Inside the Cathedral

"I was given permission along the way to record in various famous buildings; the 17th century Znamensky Cathedral, adjacent to the Kremlin in Moscow and the famous Symphony Hall in Leningrad. The acoustics were good but lacked the special quality I was looking for. It was Vilnius, Lithuania that I came across the 17th century Kazamiers Catherdral which possessed a superb reverberation equal in decay time to the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The structure serves as a museum in the present time. I was given permission to record to record there late at night on August 21st. Selwyn Pullan, my recording engineer, and I arrived around midnight following our public concert in Kaunas, a city about one hundred miles from Vilnius. It was very quiet and peaceful. Selwyn set up the digital recording equipment as I positioned myself under the central dome which culminated approximately 80 feet above and played for about two hours.
This album is a continuation of the Inside series of mine which explores solo recording on location in various structures around the world. These buildings contain unusual acoutcics as well as a famous history (the Taj Mahal of India, the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Temple of Heaven in China). It contains for the first time solo bass flute and solo soprano saxophone recordings along with the 'C' flute and alto flute.
It is my contention that in addition to the special natural acoustics, the history and ambience of these remarkable edifices become an integral part of the music, especially improvised music with comprises the majority of compositions on these recordings, thereby adding a mystical and spiritual dimension to the overall experience." - by Paul Horn

Artist: Paul Horn
Album: Inside the Cathedral
Year: 1983
Label: Kuckuck (1986)
Total time: 38:53

1.  Introduction 0:18 
2.  Song for Friendship 2:21 
3.  Song for Peace 2:48 
4.  Moscow Blues 3:48 
5.  Song for Love 3:32 
6.  Syrinx 2:51 
7.  Song for Understanding 3:34 
8.  Song for Eugene 2:51 
9.  Song for Edward 4:11 
10.  Song for Marina 2:17 
11.  Song for Riya 2:03 
12.  Oche CherrNouiye 2:40 
13.  Song for Rimsky 2:03 
14.  Song for Trane 3:31
All compositions by Paul Horn

Paul Horn (Soprano Saxophone and Flutes)


  1. I had no idea that Horn had continued his 'Inside' series with this recording. I look forward to hearing it and thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thank you but is it possible to reup?



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