Monday, August 9, 2010

Ekatman - Beyond Barriers, Beyond Boundaries

Ekatman is a culmination of a quest towards spiritual bonding of Indian Ragas and Jazz. Fusion & world music are two sides of the same coin. But fusion doesn't only mean fusing musical concepts and instruments of the east with the west; fusion's most essential ingredient is the unanimous musical flow of thought. Ekatman is a musical dimension that Pt. Ronu Majumdar and Louis Banks envisioned and worked towards fruition.
Even though all the tracks on this album have been composed by the mastery of Louis Banks and Pt. Ronu Majumdar, the listener will relate to the actual oneness of mind, spirit and musical thought that each participant experienced while working on this album, sharing the extraordinary rhythmic thrust and intensity of Sivamani & Raja with the stimulating musicianship of Karl Peters. - Product info

Artist: Ekatman
Album: Beyond Barriers,Beyond Boundaries
Year: 2002
Label: Times Music
Running Time: 66:38

1. Reverie (Louis Banks) 11:45
2. Lotus (Louis Banks) 10:14
3. Seven Steps to Nirvana (Louis Banks) 16:03
4. Rain (Ronu Majumdar) 12:06
5. Saraswati (Ronus Majumdar) 10:36
6. Vande Mataram (Ronu Majumdar/Louis Banks) 5:46

Ronu Majumdar (Flute and Vocals)
Louis Banks (Keyboards)
Shivamani (Drums and Percussion)
Rajesh Rajbhatt (Tabla)
Karl Peters (Bass Guitar)
Fazal Qureshi (Tabla and Batajon) - 3
Nilanjana (Vocals) - 6


  1. Rats! Oh well. it was a good thought. Thanks for all your work!



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