Monday, August 2, 2010

Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Ears to the Wall

It's amazing what you can find in the 99 rack in some record stores. On this release, the Dirty Dozen drops "Brass Band" from their name and adds a keyboardist and a trap set drummer, instead of the New Orleans brass band style separate bass drummer and snare drummer. Traditionalists may bitch and moan about the band's changes; nevertheless, Ears To the Wall sho' nuff be some fonky stuff. It's neat to hear the tuba (technically, it's a sousaphone) play the bass parts along with the trap set drummer. This mostly instrumental old-school-meets-new-school release should be satisfying to anyone who is looking for something a little different. - by Tim Griggs, AMG

Artist: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Album: ears to the Wall
Year: 1996
Label: Mammouth
Total time: 47:17

1.  Funky Nuts (Revert Andrews) 3:58
2.  Blackbird Special (Gregory Davis/Roger Lewis/Kevin Harris/Efrem Towns/Charles Joseph/Kirk Joseph/Jenell Marshall/Benny Jones) 6:03
3.  My Feet Can't Fail Me Now (Gregory Davis/Roger Lewis/Kevin Harris/Efrem Towns/Charles Joseph/Kirk Joseph/Jenell Marshall/Benny Jones) 4:16
4.  Getin' in the Cut (Richard Knox) 4:47
5.  Reprieve (Gregory Davis) 6:00
6.  I Hold the Key (Gregory Davis) 5:19
7.  Five Aquariums (Julius McKee) 4:42
8.  L'Ascenseur (Roger Lewis/Gregory Davis/Efrem Towns) 3:32
9.  Flow On (Gregory Davis/Terence Higgins) 4:13
10.  In the Meantime (Julius McKee) 4:23


Gregory Davis (Trumpet and Vocals)
Efrem Towns (Trumpet)
Roger Lewis (Baritone and Soprano Saxophone)
Kevin Harris (Tenor Saxophone and Vocals)
Revert Andrews (Trombone)
Richard Knox (Keyboards)
Julius McKee (Sousaphone, Double Bass and Bass Guitar)
Terence Higgins (Drums and Vocals)
Jimmie Moliere (Guitar) - 1,2,5,7,9
Damon J. Batiste (Conga and Djembe) - 2,3,6,7


  1. Thanks much. I don't have this one. Love these brothas, they bring the funk!!

  2. Not seeing the link for this one ITR

  3. Replies
    1. this is one of the hard to find from the Dozen, that's why i ask again if you can provide it ?...would be much appreciated...(maybe you don't have it anymore)...please REPLY...



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