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Breakout - Kamienie

After a few years of playing as Blackout, the first performance of Breakout took place on Musicorama festival, in February 1968. In April the new bass player - Michal Muzolf, joined the group. In June the band toured in the countries of Benelux. After the band had returned to Poland, they became one of the most famous Polish rock band, owing much to a new sound-kit brought from the western Europe, but also to the fact that they were arguably the first to play blues rock in Poland. In November Breakout played a few concerts all around Poland. In January and February 1969 their song Gdybys kochal, hej! topped the radio chart list. In 1969 they realized their first album "Na drugim brzegu teczy", which they had recorded without K. Dlutowski, but with Wlodzimierz Nahorny, who played the saxophone and flute. In August Breakout took the new bass-player Piotr Nowak, but just at the beginning of 1970, he was replaced by Józef Skrzek. The same year Franciszek Walicki (manager) left the band. In 1970 the band was more and more criticized by Polish mass media for pro-West lifestyle and long hair. As a result, the radio and TV stopped broadcasting their songs. In 1971 Breakout accomplished arguably their best album: "Blues". It was recorded by: Tadeusz Nalepa (vocal , lead guitar), Dariusz Kozakiewicz (guitar), Tadeusz Trzcinski (harmonica), Jerzy Goleniewski (bass), Józef Hajdasz (drums). Next year they recorded their fourth album "Karate". After the recording was finished Jan Izbinski (vocal) joined for a short time. "Karate" turned out to be their best selling work to date. In 1973 year Wlodzimierz Nahorny left Breakout, and the musicians helped to record the solo album of Mira Kubasinska "Ogien". Between 1973 and 1975 the band went on concerts to USSR, Eastern Germany (DDR) and Holland. Already in 1974 Breakout recorded the next, fifth already, album "Kamienie", which was recorded by: Tadeusz Nalepa (lead guitar, harmonica, vocal), Winicjusz Chróst (guitar), Zdzislaw Zawadzki (bass), Wojciech Morawski (drums). - from

Artist: Breakout
Album: Kamienie
Year: 1974
Label: Polskie Nagrania (24-bit digitally remastered, 2005)
Total time: 40:11

1.  Czy Zgadniesz 3:49 
2.  Czulosc Niose Tonie 3:48 
3.  Spiekota 4:14 
4.  Modlitwa 7:36 
5.  Badz Sloncem 3:38 
6.  Pojde Prosto 3:12 
7.  Kolo Nego Okna 3:44 
8.  Kamienie 6:55 
9.  Tobie Ta Piesn 3:15 
All compositions by Tadeusz Nalepa/Bogdan Loebl

Tadeusz Nalepa (Guitar, Vocal and Harmonica)
Winicjusz Chrost (Guitar)
Zdzislaw Zawadzki (Bass Guitar)
Wojciech Morawski (Drums)

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