Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Larry Coryell - The Restful Mind

Guitarist Larry Coryell recorded several sessions for the Vanguard label during the '70s with varying results. He did manage two classics, Spaces, and this one, The Restful Mind. It is no small coincidence that the better the personnel he surrounded himself with, the better he played. On Spaces, the presence of John McLaughlin and Chick Corea raised his playing to another level. Here, with the backing of the group Oregon (with the exception of Paul McCandless), who were also signed to Vanguard at this time), bring out a more reflective and relaxed Coryell. His tendency to fall back on his chops was always a weak spot in his playing, but it is thankfully absent here. Both of the "Improvisation" pieces are highlights in Coryell's career, which along with the other beaufitul selections, make this one of his best, and certainly most overlooked, recordings. - by Robert Taylor, AMG

Artist: Larry Coryell
Album: The Restful Mind
Year: 1975
Label: Comet (2002)
Total time: 36:26

1.  Improvisation On Robert De Visee's Menuet II (Larry Coryell) 8:14
2.  Ann Arbor (Larry Coryell) 5:00
3.  Pavane For A Dead Princess (Maurice Ravel) 5:39
4.  Improvisation On Robert De Visee's Sarabande (Larry Coryell)  5:20
5.  Song For Jim Webb (Larry Coryell) 3:15
6.  Julie La Belle (Larry Coryell) 5:46
7.  The Restful Mind (Larry Coryell) 3:09

Larry Coryell (Acoustic and Electric Guitar)
Ralph Towner (Guitar)
Collin Walcott (Tabla and Congas)
Glen Moore (Double Bass)


  1. quite a "backing band" on this one ...shame the links are dead, maybe a reup someday?

  2. Links are dead again. Perhaps today is someday too...

  3. Hi itr, is there any chance of a reup? had never heard of this record and it is certainly a great one, with those Oregon members. it would be great if you could manage that. anyway thank you so much for your appreciated efforts. Cheers!

  4. Replies
    1. txs so much, one of the most beautiful records ever

  5. si gracias, i finally noticed reup, FF still working



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