Saturday, July 3, 2010

Katrin Achinger - Icaré

Born in 1962 in a small town in Germany, started her musical career in 1978 as a bassplayer in a female punkband. Two years later she founded the Kastrierte Philosophen along with Matthias Arfmann. The Singer/Songwriterduo released about 13 albums and several 7"s in almost twenty years together with different musicians. They also played a part in the documentary movie "Tanger Nonstop" and recorded several radio plays. Since 1994 she also worked on a solo level as a composer and writer. The story of Icaré was told on the album and in the book of the same name, both released by Strange Ways Records. - from Katrin's website

Artist: Katrin Achinger & The Flight Crew
Album: Icaré
Year: 1993
Label: Strange Ways
Total time: 62:45

1. Cold Waters
2. Monkeys
3. Land Beyond Time
4. KillDaddy
5. Home
6. Sister Talks
7. Fear
8. Move on!
9. Welcome to the Earth
10. Icaré's Son
11. Dawn (Icaré's Dream)
12. River of Life
All compositions by Katrin Achinger

Katrin Achinger - Vocals
Rüdiger Klose - Drums
Julia Engel - Marimba
Sabine Worthmann - Double Bass
Lucia Wojdak - Cello
Tom Bennett - Viola and  Violin

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