Monday, July 5, 2010

Gene Ammons - Brother Jug!

A swinging soul-jazz set from just before the point where soul-jazz turned once and for all into fusion, 1970's Brother Jug is very much an album of its time. (Note Billy Butler's funky-cheesy wah-wah guitar underpinning "Jungle Strut.") That said, while the album doesn't have the classic timelessness of Gene Ammons' best '50s and early-'60s work, Brother Jug is one of Ammons' better albums released soon after the tenor saxophonist's release from a seven-year prison sentence. Ammons' playing on this album has an unaccustomed grit; even on ballads like "Didn't We," there's an R&B-style honk to Ammons' tone that suits the funky, electric arrangements well. Brother Jug is not an all-time classic -- the closing take on "Son of a Preacher Man," with Sonny Phillips' in-your-face wah-wah organ, is hampered by a too-sluggish rhythm section and some unimaginative, braying solos by Ammons -- but even the weakest tunes have a certain historical interest. - by Stewart Mason, AMG

Artist: Gene Ammons
Album: Brother Jug!
Year: 1969 (Prestige)
Label: OJC (2000, 20 bit remastered)
Total time: 33:45

1.  Son Of A Preacher Man (John Hurley/Ronnie Wilkins) 4:27
2.  Didn't We (Jimmy Webb) 6:05
3.  He's A Real Gone Guy (Nellie Lutcher) 5:05
4.  Jungle Strut (Gene Ammons) 5:12
5.  Blue Velvet (Lee Morris/Bernie Wayne) 4:06
6.  Ger-ru (Gene Ammons) 8:46

Gene Ammons (Tenor Saxophone)
Sonny Phillips (Organ)
Bob Bushnell (Fender Bass)
Bernard Purdie (Drums)
Billy Butler (Guitar) - 1,4
Junior Mance (Piano) - 6
Buster Williams (Double Bass) - 6
Frankie Jones (Drums) - 6
Candido Camero (Conga) - 6
Prince James (Tenor Saxophone) - 6


  1. Any chance for a reup?
    Would love to hear this album.
    Thank you in advance, Jo.

  2. Thank you for the links itr, very kind!
    The Gene Ammons - Goodbye Album would be nice too.
    Thanks again.



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