Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gabor Szabo - Wind, Sky and Diamonds

Wind, Sky and Diamonds celebrates much of what was important to the guitarist -- the new world of rock music, the lure of California and the hope and inspiration of the "Summer of Love." But, at best, it's an ill-conceived jazz-rock concoction. Talent like Howard Roberts, Dennis Budimer, Herb Ellis, Mike Melvoin, Victor Feldman and Emil Richards is negligible here and subjugated to terrible vocalists, corny arrangements and occasional hints of Szabo's unique playing. Contains a stirring, heartfelt version of "Guantanamera" but little more. - by Douglas Payne, AMG

Artist: Gabor Szabo and The California Dreamers
Album: Wind, Sky and Diamonds
Year: 1967
Label: Impulse! (20-bit, K2 Super Coding, 2000)
Total time: 34:41

1.  San Franciscan Nights (Vic Briggs/Eric Burdon/Barry Jenkins/Danny McCulloch/John Weider) 3:23
2.  Day in the Life (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 3:22
3.  Twelve-Thirty (John Philips) 3:03
4.  To Sir With Love (Donald Black/Mark London) 2:30
5.  White Rabbit (Grace Slick) 2:33
6.  Guantanamera (Jose Marti/Hector Angulo/Pete Seeger) 3:11
7.  Saigon Bride (Joan Baez/Nina Dusheck) 3:11
8.  The End of Life (Gabor Szabo/Tom Bahler/John Bahler/C. Copeland) 2:58
9.  Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 3:15
10.  Are You There? (Gabor Szabo/S. Allen) 3:34
11.  W.C. Fields (Tom Bahler/John Bahler/C. Copeland) 3:41

Gabor Szabo (Guitar)
Bill Plummer (Sitar)
Mike Melvoin (Piano and Harpsichord)
Dennis Budimir (Guitar) - 1-3,5-8,11
Louis Morell (Guitar) - 1,2,4,8-11
Carol Kaye (Fender Bass) - 1-3,5-8,11
Emil Richards (Percussion) - 1-3,5-8,11
John Guerin (Drums) - 1,2,8,11
Herb Ellis (Guitar) - 3,5-7
Jimmy Gordon (Drums) - 3,5-7
Howard Roberts (Guitar) - 4,9,10
Ray Pohlman (Fender Bass) - 4,9,10
Victor Feldman (Percussion) - 4,9,10

and The California Dreamers:
Ron Hicklin (Vocals)
Al Capps (Vocals)
Loren Farber (Vocals)
John Bahler (Vocals)
Tom Bahler (Vocals)
Ian Freebairn-Smith (Vocals)
Sally Stevens (Vocals)
Sue Allen (Vocals)
Jackie Ward (Vocals)


  1. Many thanks for this great album...Be good!!!

  2. Can you re upload this album plz ?

  3. Replies
    1. avaxhome is a scam backwards and forwards...(tell me I am wrong?)



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