Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elvin Jones - Familiar Ground

This is one of my favorite quartets. Elvin Jones with Pat la Barbera on tenor and soprano saxophone, Kenny Kirkland on piano and Reggie Workman on acoustic bass. This band sounds like John Coltrane quartet in the early 60's. Pat La Barbera wrote most of the pieces which are melodic, harmonically interesting. There's a John Coltrane composition (Harmonique) and one by Tadd Dameron. "Necessary Evil", the first track features the composer on tenor sax. It's a modal, medium-up piece and has short but telling solos by piano and bass. Liner notes : "Elvin then comes in for one of those stunning solos that follow the structure of the piece, and display that still astonishing independence of limbs which is a Jones trademark." All the album is like that: modal, blues, no wasted note, no real and strong improvisations (sometimes we wish there had been some). It's first class though, a sort of "Kind Of Blue" concept record. It's perfect for regular listenings.The musicians play short but wow, what a thrill sometimes! - by R. Ralingue,

Artist: Elvin Jones
Album: Familiar Ground
Year: 1982
Label: West Wind (1997)
Total time: 41:44

1.  Necessary Evil (Pat La Barbera) 4:12
2.  October's Child (Pat La Barbera) 5:20
3.  Harmonique (John Coltrane) 4:54
4.  Whatever Possessed Me (Tadd Dameron) 6:12
5.  Familiar Ground (Pat La Barbera) 4:27
6.  Why Try to Change Me Now? (Cy Coleman) 6:00
7.  Minor Blues (Pat La Barbera) 6:21
8.  Brother John (Pat La Barbera) 4:18

Elvin Jones (Drums)
Pat La Barbera (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone)
Kenny Kirkland (Piano)
Reggie Workman (Double Bass)


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    Very interesting post. The Elvin Jones sessions are some of the very few I know of with Pat LaBarbara in a small-group setting. Most of his work that I can find is big-band stuff. And, I should say that, Pat LaBarbara's playing on these Elvin Jones sessions puts him up there with the greatest tenor players of all time, in my humble opinion, thank you very much. -- A travesty that Rapidshare has nixed this stuff.

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