Saturday, June 26, 2010

SzaMaBa Trio - Hypnos

If you say ethno music I say SzaMaBa, If you say partycularly modern jazz or you say world music, I say SzaMaBa. SzaMaBa is a trio who creates Hungarian music rich tradition, modern creativity, spiritual deepness and endless intuition. The SzaMaBa Trio is one of the most experienced andd innovative groups representing the Hungarian ethno jazz and world music since 1982. Sandor Szabo, the leader and guitarist of the Trio, has been playing with the percussionist drummer, Balazs Major, since 1980. Laszlo Bagi, a guitarist, joined the duo is 1986. There was a two yera period when the group played as a quartet with the guitarist Andras Bakondi. They have been known by the name SzaMaBa since 1990. The Trio has performed in several European countries at fifferent art and music festivals and in jazz clubs. When performing, the SzaMaBa Trio often invites guests artist from other countries. Some names from the past few years are: Gilbert Isbin, guitarist from Belgium; Roberto Magris, pianist, and Massimo De Mattia, flutist from Italy, Andreas Georgiou, guitarist from Greece. The SzaMaBa Trio has achived a very unique style whish originates from different exotic cultures. They capture the freedom of jazz and the Deepness os Far Eastern music resulting in reliving the ritual of Hungarian folk music. Their music bears deep mood and spiritual sensitivity which can be experienced only in the most authentic styles. The special sound of the SzaMaba Trio is a result of more than ten years of hard work and constant experimentation, producing a sound that has become very sophisticated... by Brian Earle, Clear Productions

Artist: SzaMaBa Trio
Album: Hypnos
Year: 1993
Label: Tandem
Total time: 74:58

1.  Our Weekdays I.-II. 5:45
2.  Note 6:01
3.  Enigmatic 11:00
4.  Tearful Eyes 3:55
5.  Pantheon 6:19
6.  Chase For Jancsi Patko 8:06
7.  Concealed Sanctuary 6:30
8.  Bashful Song 6:48
9.  Self-Consciousness 4:42
10.  Heavenly Dew 5:43
11.  Szenttamas 3:46
12.  Hypnos 6:18

Sandor Szabo (Guitar, Guitarveena, Autoharp, Zither and Voice)
Balazs Major (Drums and Percussion)
Laszlo Bagi (Contrabass Guitar)
Massimo De Mattia (Flute) - 2-7,9-12
Andras Bakondi (Guitar) - 8
Csaba Sipos (Double Bass) - 1,6

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