Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sivuca - Live at the Village Gate

The fantastic Brazilian artist recorded this album for Vanguard in the '70s, and the Gnome-like accordianist, guitarist, and singer is an astonishing composer of Brazilian jazz and folk, and he is loved by Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, and Gilberto Gill. If that is not reference enough that the kings of Tropicalia have all acknowledged Sivuca's influence, he was among the first Brazilian jazz artists to establish a career in the U.S.A. in the '60s. Simply, this album is an immaculate and uplifting collection of bossa nova-tinged songs, and their energy is matched only by Caetano Veloso's classic early-'70s albums. Reissued in the Universe series, their CDs are beautiful verbatim miniature replicas of the original Vanguard LPs, the live recording and performance are simply stunning, and Sivuca 's a brilliant multi-instrumentalist. Check out the version of "Ain't no Sunshine" penned by Bill Withers, which Sivica and cohorts turned into a delightfully up-beat bossa nova. - by Skip Jansen, AMG

Artist: Sivuca
Album: Live at the Village Gate
Year: 1975
Label: Comet
Total time: 53:44

1.  Adeus Maria Fulo (Sivuca/Henri Texeira) 5:22
2.  Berimbau (Baden Powell/Vinicius de Moraes) 8:55
3.  It Might Have Been (Sivuca/D. Speropoles) 3:48
4.  Rancho Fundo (A. Barrioso) 9:31
5.  Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers) 6:47
6.  Marina (Dorival Caymni) 6:02
7.  Coisa No.10 (Moacir Santos) 4:38
8.  Batucada (Sivuca) 8:38

Sivuca (Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Piano and Percussion)
Cindy Kinball (Vocals and Percussion)
Morris Goldberg (Woodwinds)
Mervin Bronson (Bass)
Angel Allende (Percussion)
Sadiq Shabazz (Drums)


  1. Fist saw this guy playing with Harry Bellafonte : accordion on Lord don't stop the Carnival, and guitar on Empty Tables, empty chairs... I was a kid learning guitar at that time... Boy what an emotion. Do I like this guy ! He later played with another Belgian (as I am), Toots Thielemans. THANKS for this !!!

  2. sad, link expired...



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