Monday, June 28, 2010

O.H. Krill - The Krill Papers

For his debut album as O.H. Krill, Max Brennan joins forces with James Nye, Paul Butler and Tom Vernon to form a part-man, part-machine space collective. Seamlessly amalgamating sampled & sequenced parts with live instrumentation, the group move through an array of genre-splicing themes, giving 'The Krill Papers' a simultaneously unique and progressive ambience. From the laid back lounge of 'Reaching up' and 'Back room shuffle' to upbeat orchestrated funk (Riding High & Yesterday's Hero), diverse musical ideas and influences are pulled together by the consistent presence of eastern themes and use of devotional instruments such as tablas and tambouras. Additionally, percussion heavy Latin influenced jams such as 'Dusk till Dawn' and the double bass driven 'Broccoli Head' add yet more diversity. Brennan and co. present an album that the extends the boundaries of experimental jazz further out into the aether. - Product info from the DC website

Artits.: O.H. Krill
Album. The Krill Papers
Year: 2000
Label: DC Recordings
Total time: 69:55

1.  Reaching Up (Max Brennan/Rupert Brown) 6:45
2.  Fet Stoggies (James Nye) 5:52
3.  Broccoli Head (Max Brennan) 8:00
4.  Seven Up Swing (Max Brennan) 6:00
5.  Riding High (Max Brennan) 6:44
6.  Visions of the Divine (Max Brennan/Paul Butler) 5:12
7.  Yesterdays Hero (Max Brennan) 4:41
8.  Back Room Shuffle (Max Brennan/Rupert Brown/James Nye/Tom Vernon) 8:08
9.  Observation Lens (Max Brennan) 5:16
10.  Dusk Till Dawn (Max Brennan/Rupert Brown) 5:28
11.  Temperal Bliss (Max Brennan/Rupert Brown) 7:45

Max Brennan (Double Bass, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Tabla, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Trumpet and Programming)
Rupert Brown (Drums and Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizer)
James Nye (Soprano Saxophone and Keyboards)
Paul Butler (Drums and Percussion, Keyboards, Trumpet)
Tom Vernon (Acoustic Guitar)


  1. Hi - I have seen the review of this album on dustygroove it sounds terrfic! It's not available as an mp3 download on Amazon :( Is htere any chance of an mp3 (rather than flac) reup?
    All the best



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