Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jean-Pierre Rampal - Rampal Plays Scott Joplin

Most every fan of Scott Joplin's music knows that ragtime should not be played too fast. Joplin himself even gave this direction in every rag he wrote in the seconmd half of his career. However, I personally have always been one to like everything on the fast side (not just ragtime but in general). So when I popped in this CD and started listening, I was amazed that many of the pieces were too fast even for my taste, escecially 'Cleopha'. That matter aside, this is a wonderful CD. It's a fresh and exiting take on Joplin's great music, and Mr. Rampal plays flawlessly as always. The arrangements are great, with a nice selection of various instruments: Flute/piccolo, piano/honkey-tonk/'fortepiano'/harpsichord(!), a slew of percussion, and a tuba. There's even a train whistle for 'The Great Crush Collision'. And best of all, the extra instuments only add to the piece -- they never take away from the main melody. So overall, I recommend this CD as a great alternate collection of Joplin's works. I recommend it for any Joplin fan's collection. - by Joshua Kaufman,

Artist: Jean-Pierre Rampal
Album: Rampal Plays Scott Joplin
Year: 1983
Label: CBS
Total time: 45:14

1.  Maple Leaf Rag (1899) 2:39
2.  Elite Syncopations (1902) 2:40
3.  Bethena: A Concert Waltz (1905) 5:14
4.  Combination March (1896) 2:35
5.  The Entertainer: A Ragtime Two Step (1902) 4:55
6.  The Cascades: A Rag (1904) 2:55
7.  Cleopha: March And Two Step (1902) 2:22
8.  The Ragtime Dance (1906) 3:14
9.  The Chrysantheum: An Afro-American Intermezzo (1904) 3:25
10.  The Favorite: Ragtime Two Step (1904) 2:51
11.  Original Rags (1899) 3:47
12.  Harmony Club Waltz (1901) 5:07
13.  Great Crus Collision: March (1896) 3:23

Jean-Pierre Rampal (Flute, Piccolo, Train Whistle)
John Steele Ritter (Piano, Honky-Tonk Piano, Fortepiano, Harpsichord)
Shelly Manne (Drums, Duck Calls and Mouth Percussion)
Tommy Johnson (Tuba)
Gordon Gottlieb (Foot Stomps and Percussion)
Michael Riesman (Train Crossing) 


  1. Thanks a lot for the Rampal on Joplin. Few classical stars transfer well to jazz of any sort, but I am expecting good things from this one.

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  3. Thx, download links are updated again. Great job!



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