Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elemer Balazs Quintet - Always That Moment

Standard, in the dictionary this word means something set up as a rule for a measuring or as a model to be followed. According to a different meaning it stands for a figure adopted as an emblem by a people, or the flag. In jazz this means a well-proven repertory coming from the outside, mainly from the realm of popular music. Jazz musicians use this material since the first initiations of Louis Armstrong in the twenties. The list starts from Cole Porter with the Gershwin brothers, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, through the composers of the prevailing superstars like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, to the pop music of these days. Hungarian light music is also in possession of this musical layer, although our jazz musicians used it rather infrequentley, preferring American composers. These five Hungarian musicians have chosen the standards of Iván Szenes, Szabolcs Fényes, István Mihály, Jeno Horváth, András Bágya, the elité of Hungarian light music as basis of their performance; proving that Hungarian composers created music equal in value to that of their world famous American contemporaries; although these pieces were written some decades ago, they still have something to tell today. - From the CD cover

Artist: Elemer Balazs Quintet
Album: Always That Moment
Year: 2000
Label: BMC
Total time: 61:40

1.  The Best Moment Is Always That Moment (Mihály István/Fényes Szabolcs) 8:19
2.  No Mercy (Sándor Jeno/Füredi Imre) 7:07
3.  Who Knows If You'll See Me Again (Mihály István/Fényes Szabolcs) 8:47
4.  Happiness and I (Bágya István/Szenes Iván) 7:01
5.  The Longest Day (Szenes Iván) 9:03
6.  Deadly Spring (Polgár Tibor/Nadányi Zoltán) 6:07
7.  I Take the Backstreets to See You (Horváth Jeno/Halász Rudolf) 7:31
8.  Madly in Love (Szenes Iván/Fényes Szabolcs) 7:45

Mihaly Dresch (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone and Kaval)
Csaba Tuzko (Tenor Saxophone)
Gabor Juhasz (Guitar)
Janos Egri (Double Bass)
Elemer Balazs (Drums)

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