Saturday, June 26, 2010

Courtney Pine - Underground

The first thing that becomes clear on Courtney Pine's Underground  is that the hip-hop-jazz hybrids of the 1990s (such as Digable Planets, A Tribe Called Quest, US3, or even the Dream Warriors) missed their target; the combination is much stronger when it's jazz-hip-hop, and the latter becomes a textural element. Pine sticks to his guns-frenetic melodies, engaging song structures, and a keen ability to keep his jazz cool and never lite. Those talents shine further when given the icing of exquisite samples, particularly when the rapid-fire cuts and sharp sense of humor show a respect for turntablism. And lest Pine's jazz fans be dismayed, tracks like "Invisible" seamlessly slip back into Pine's masterful (more traditional) jazz persona. Of particular note is "Tryin' Times," one of the few tracks with vocals, which acts as both a lounge singer vehicle as well as venue for Pine's dizzying saxophone acrobatics. Underground  is a great introduction to Pine's work, and if there's any justice, will someday be recognized as a benchmark jazz-hip-hop hybrid experiment. - by Jaime Vázquez, AMG

Artist: Courtney Pine
Album: Underground
Year: 1997
Label: Antilles
Total time: 66:08

1.  Intro - Inhale 1:11
2.  Modern Day Jazz 6:58
3.  Tryin' Times 6:15
4.  Oneness Of Mind 5:55
5.  Invisible (Higher Vibe) 5:37
6.  The Book Of ... (The Dead) 9:50
7.  Children Of The Sun 5:55
8.  The In-Sense Song 4:52
9.  Silver Surfer 7:50
10.  Underground 6:57
11.  Outro - Xhale 0:56
12.  Save The Children 3:46
All compositions by C. Pine, except Tryn' Times (Donny Hathaway/Leroy Hutson)

Courtney Pine (Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Bass Clarinet and Electronics)
DJ Pogo (Turntables, Additional Beats)
Cyrus Chesnut (Piano, Elecetric Piano and Hammod Organ) - 2-10,12
Reginald Veal (Double Bass) - 2-10,12
Jeff "Tain" Watts (Drums) - 2-10,12
Mark Whitefield (Guitar) - 2,7
Nicholas Payton (Trumpet) - 4,10
Jhelisa (Vocals) - 3,12


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    Courtney Pine's Underground (0-10)
    Line up:10
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