Saturday, June 26, 2010

Celso Fonseca - Natural

This will look like a debut album to most Americans, but it is, in fact, Celso Fonseca's fifth solo effort, not counting his many collaborations and supporting gigs with the likes of Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Bebel Gilberto, not to mention such American luminaries as Carlos Santana and jazzman Charles Lloyd. On Natural, Fonseca is not exactly breaking any new ground, but his effortless command of bossa nova's vocal and instrumental conventions and his surehanded leadership of a small but distinguished ensemble combine to produce what is simultaneously one of the most relaxing and most exciting releases of 2003. There are covers of classic tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim ("She's a Carioca") and Baden Powell ("Consolacao") and a great, shimmering version of the jazz standard "The Night We Called It a Day," but his own compositions are equally fine, especially the lovely "Slow Motion Bossa Nova" and the subtly complex "Teu Sorriso." Natural is one of those rare records that will appeal equally to music snobs and rank amateurs, and to deeply knowledgeable Brazilian music fans and complete newcomers to that country's rich musical tradition. Very highly recommended. - by Rick Anderson, AMG

Artist: Celso Fonseca
Album: Natural
Year: 2003
Label: Ziriguiboom/Crammed
Total time: 53:13

1.  Bom Sinal (Celso Fonseca) 5:10
2.  Sem Resposta (Celso Fonseca) 2:38
3.  A Origem da Felicidade (Celso Fonseca) 4:35
4.  The Night We Called It A Day (Tom Adair/Matt Dennis) 3:02
5.  Meu Samba Torto (Celso Fonseca) 4:31
6.  Febre (Celso Fonseca) 4:28
7.  Consolacao (Vinícius de Moraes/Baden Powell) 4:03
8.  Ela e Carioca (She's A Carioca) (Vinícius de Moraes/Ray Gilbert/Antonio Carlos Jobim) 2:59
9.  Teu Sorriso (Celso Fonseca) 5:27
10.  Slow Motion Bossa Nova (Ronaldo Bastos/Celso Fonseca) 5:09
11.  Minha Davida de Oliveira (Celso Fonseca/Suely Mesquita) 5:28
12.  Buteco 2 (Celso Fonseca) 5:36

Celso Fonseca (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion and Programming)
Daniel Jobim (Piano) - 1,4,6,10
Robertinho Silva (Drums and Percussion) - 3,7,9,11
Jorge Helder (Double Bass) - 1,3,5
Sacha Amback (Keyboards) - 4,6
Ramiro Musotto (Percussion) - 12
Jessé Sadock (Flugelhorn) - 6
Jorginho Gomes (Drums) - 6
Olbelle (Vocals) - 8

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